Your First Visit

We recognize the impact cancer has on the lives of our patients and their families, and strive to address both your medical and psychological health.

Please be prepared to stay for at least two hours during your first visit. Your physician and our staff nurse will complete a very thorough examination, and you will need to fill out several forms to help us better track your progress.

If you have a printer, please download, print out, and complete the New Patient Form and Patient Health History Form - this will reduce the time you have to spend filling out forms in the office.

To help us make your first visit as efficient as possible, please bring the following information to your first visit:

• Driver's License
• Insurance Information: Please bring your insurance card - we will need to make a copy of it for our records.
• Medical Records from your previous physician/s

• Medical history and Physical reports 
• List of physicians currently treating you 
• Pathology reports 
• Recent laboratory results 
• Radiology reports (X-rays, CT scans) 
• Surgical/Operative reports

If you do not have these items, please bring your previous care provider's full contact information so that we may reach out to your health care practitioner to obtain this information.

List of Medications - Also required at your first appointment is a list of all medications your are currently taking.