Our Laboratory Staff

Our laboratory staff is dedicated to serving the patients of Cancer Health Treatment Centers. They are experienced in handling hematology and oncology patient blood samples and are skillfully-trained in interpreting the lab results unique to our valued patient population into context that is comprehensible to each individual.

Each of our laboratory technicians has a college degree and all are certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

All of our labs are licensed by the federal government and are inspected every other year. Our government licensing ensures that the laboratory has successfully passed a rigorous federal inspection and only quality results are produced. The government regulates our personnel requirements and biohazardous waste.

The majority of the laboratory tests are processed in the Cancer Health Treatment Centers Laboratories. We take pride in the volume and the extent of our testing capabilities. You may at times require tests that our labs do not perform. These tests are directed to a contracted reference lab.

Various laboratory tests will be required to aid in monitoring your treatment and in your follow-up care. We will discuss any needed tests and schedule them in a timely fashion most convenient for you.