Our Vision

Cancer Health Treatment Center’s (CHTC) vision is to provide comprehensive oncology services through an integrated delivery system from diagnosis through treatment and ongoing follow-up. We strive to treat everyone who enters our doors with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Staff Members at Cancer Health Treatment Centers
CHTC works collaboratively with our patients and their families in a supportive, holistic approach aimed at identifying and meeting their diverse needs.
Our goal is to deliver unwavering, quality care in partnership with our medical and nursing staffs while taking into consideration the patient’s physical and emotional needs, in conjunction with the necessities of their families.  In order to maintain a bonafide team approach to our patient’s treatment, we strive to promote effective communications, respect, and career development among the staff, and encourage continuing education for all members of the cancer treatment team.
CHTC constantly enhances continuing relationships with new and current referring physicians by employing unparalleled communication techniques to optimize the continuity of care. This includes establishing new relationships with primary physicians who currently do not refer patients. We strive to be at the forefront of patient care by utilizing the latest research generated treatments, participating in clinical trials for new medications, and employing the most effective methodologies, protocols, and pharmacology. We assure fiscal integrity by being a viable and responsible provider of oncology services through sound practice and financial management.